Parts & Stores

At Ellis Dawe & Son we stock and supply a range of parts for new and old agricultural machinery, including:

  1. a full range of Claas products

  2. John Deere parts still available

  3. filters for other tractor manufacturers

  4. parts for other manufacturers available.

We also supply a large range of products, including:

  1. axes, brooms, shovels

  2. batteries

  3. Bosch bulbs

  4. Draper tools

  5. drill bits

  6. electrical wire

  7. hardware and fixings

  8. measuring jugs and filters

  9. ratchet straps

  10. net wrap and baler twine

  11. oil and lubricants

  1. paint

  2. power tools

  3. rat traps and poison

  4. Swarfega hand cleaning products

  5. tape

  6. trailer fittings

  7. welding tools and accessories

  8. wood handles

  9. work gloves

  10. and much more

For further details please contact Tim Bowring or ring us on 01684 833235 and ask for stores.

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