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Highland 5

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  • A800 Full Access Cattle Crush

    £3,842.00 (+ VAT)

    Where the need for access outweighs a squeeze requirement the A800 Full Access gives an incredibly robust, self-locking crush with excellent access to all areas of the cattle’s body. 72 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) ensure a calm and quiet working environment, helping you to improve your throughput and complete routine handling tasks quicker. Automatic Yoke…

  • A800 Squeeze Cattle Crush

    £5,650.00 (+ VAT)

    The A800 squeeze combines our revolutionary Automatic yoke with the 800 Series Squeeze body. A combination of 81 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) ensures a quiet, secure environment that outperforms many of the self-locking crushes in the marketplace. Automatic Yoke  We have revolutionised the self-locking yoke with our patented one touch reset system. Including permanently synchronized…

  • Crusader Plus Cattle Crush

    £2,689.00 (+ VAT)

    The Crusader Plus is our entry level cattle crush, which is suited to both dairy and beef cattle and is fronted by a manual, lever operated yoke that is operated from either side of the crush. For maximum versatility, a spring loaded quick release adjustment gives 4 pre-set yoke widths from 100mm to 260mm. Features…

  • Highland Cattle Crush

    £4,154.00 (+ VAT)

    The Highland crush is designed to be specifically suited to cattle with horns yet is still suitable for non-horned breeds of cattle. Fronted by a manually operated scissor style yoke, the yoke arms retract fully into the sides of the crush to maximise the visibility for the animals and a simple winding system allows the…

  • M800 Full Access Cattle Crush

    £4,355.00 (+ VAT)

    Where a squeeze body is not required the M800 Full Access provides a heavy duty facility with unbeatable access. Supplied with the Manual yoke and the 800 Series Full Access body, there are over 75 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) to ensure a quiet, safe and efficient handling experience. Manual Yoke Where it stops it locks….

  • M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush

    £6,255.00 (+ VAT)

    The M800 squeeze is the ideal marriage of the Manual Yoke and the 800 Series Squeeze body, which provides a great platform for a wide range of cattle breeds and sizes.  Featuring 84 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) the M800 Squeeze is the quietest, most feature packed crush that IAE has ever produced. Manual Yoke Where…

  • Mk 4.5 Super Scoop

    £498.30 (+ VAT)

    The Superscoop® is an essential addition to any cattle crush (compatibility dependent) as it stabilises and restricts the side-to-side movement of the animals head, making tasks such as bolus delivery and ear tagging effortless. The Superscoop also offers increased safety for both the animal and the operator, which is paramount. Our latest design (version 4.5)…

  • Yearling Cattle Crush

    £1,346.00 (+ VAT)

    The Yearling Cattle Crush is designed for younger animals or smaller breeds such as the Dexter. Manual traditional lever operated yoke handle can be used on either side Spring loaded quick release adjustment on the yoke gives 4 pre-set widths from 90mm to 120mm The front cage is made up of one fully opening side…