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Stanley Torpedo Level 2

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  • Bahco 319 Professional Hacksaw

    £19.23 (+ VAT)

    The Bahco 319 Professional Hacksaw Frame has a lightweight 2-component frame with steel core and is well balanced for straight cutting with maximum effect. No protruding parts for maximum accessibility, compact design for ease-of-use and the tensioning mechanism is integrated in the handle. The comfortable non-slip handle with front grip ensures positive handling and control…

  • Bahco Bolt Cutter 600mm (24in)

    £71.50 (+ VAT)

    Bahco Bolt Cutters are forged from precision high-grade steel and have no protruding parts to get damaged or deformed. They are anti-corrosion treated and have a black finish. The bolt cutters have jaws that can be easily adjusted via a simple patented system. They provide high cutting power, even at the start of the cut….

  • Bahco Box Spirit Level

    £43.68£79.60 (+ VAT)

    Bahco 466 Series Box Section Levels have a thick profile made from aluminium, with a orange anodized finish. Its unbreakable barrel-type vials contain a liquid that is resistant to UV light. These large vials are easy to read, even in low light. It has milled measuring surfaces and a V groove base. Durable bi-material handles…

  • Bahco Curved Fibreglass Claw Hammer 570g (20oz)

    £13.97 (+ VAT)

    The Bahco 428 Curved Claw Hammer has an octagonal neck and a brightly polished round head. Fitted with a fibreglass handle for maximum shock absorption and a comfortable black hand grip. The shaft is coloured a bright orange, making it easier to find in a toolbox.

  • Bahco Engineering File & Rasp Set – 5 Piece

    £30.73 (+ VAT)

    Bahco 5 Piece 1-477 Engineering File & Rasp Set. All files are fitted with ERGO™ handles for comfort. Supplied in a plastic roll wrap. Set contains: 1 x 1-100-08-02 Flat Second Cut File 200mm (8in) 1 x 1-170-08-02 Three-Square Second Cut File 200mm (8in) 1 x 1-210-08-02 Half-Round Second Cut File 200mm (8in) 1 x…

  • Bahco Socket Set of 16 Metric 1/4in Drive

    £20.65 (+ VAT)

    The Bahco S160 1/4in Drive Socket Set contains sockets made from high performance alloy steel. With a Dynamic Drive™ profile to protect the sockets from wear and damage. Supplied in an oil and temperature resistant polypropylene case. Contains: 12 x 1/4in Hex Sockets: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 &…

  • Bahco Stillson Type Pipe Wrench

    £18.90£30.80 (+ VAT)

    Bahco Professional Stillson Type Pipe Wrench forged from high quality steel. Both jaws have deep grooves ensuring instant grip and ratcheting action. Can be used with copper, aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Sizes available: 8″ (200mm); 10″ (250mm); 12″ (300mm); 14″ (350mm) & 18″ (450mm)

  • Chisel & Point Crowbar

    £34.83£50.91 (+ VAT)

    Chisel end used to cut through roots, point end for breaking up concrete. Specialist Fencers Tools – Designed by Fencers for Fencers. Length – 5′ x 1.1/4″ (1500mm x 30mm) or 6′ x 1.1/4″ (1800mm x 30mm)

  • Combination Spanner CV Satin Finish

    £2.04£3.85 (+ VAT)

    These Faithfull professional, high quality Combination Spanners are forged from chrome vanadium steel, which is hardened, tempered and satin chrome plated for corrosion protection. Manufactured to DIN 3113 standards. The broached jaws and rings ensure a consistent tolerance and a guaranteed accurate fit. Both the jaw and ring end are set at a 15 degree…

  • Cox Easiflow Heavy Duty Cartridge Gun

    £8.09 (+ VAT)

    Cox™ EasiFlow™ HD Sealant Gun for the professional tradesman or discerning DIY enthusiast. For use with low to medium viscosity sealants and adhesives. Highly durable construction includes use of hardened rod and clutch plate. The patented pressure relief device stops material running on after the trigger is released. Includes 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Cox Powerflow Heavy Duty Cartridge Gun

    £22.55 (+ VAT)

    The Cox™ Powerflow™ HP Cartridge dispenser is 50% more powerful than the outgoing model. It is ideal for DIY and professional users who regularly apply sealants and even thick adhesives. The precision engineered mechanism is highly durable. It has a 360° rotating frame to help follow contours during application and a unique, switchable anti-drip device…

  • FatMax® Folding Jab Saw 130mm (5in) 8 TPI

    £10.58 (+ VAT)

    The Stanley FatMax® Folding Jab Saw with a three blade locking angle mechanism at 90°, 135° and 180°. Its triple bevelled toothing allows easier cutting that is up to 50% faster. The blade’s sharp point is ideal for punching through plasterboard. For a comfortable and secure grip, the jabsaw has an anti-slip ergonomic bi-material handle.