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  • Crop Gard – Heavy Duty Bird Scarer

    £76.95 (+ VAT)

    Precision engineering that is built to last, high quality heavy duty construction. Unrivalled quality and design make this unit the most robust and reliable rigid spinning bird scarer on the market today. Built to withstand the UK’s harsh climate CropGard will last for many maintenance free years. Disorientate the birds with reflective, flashing movement as…

  • Hawk Eyes – Economy Bird Scarer

    £22.95 (+ VAT)

    HawkEye bird scaring globes are very versatile and can have many uses, not just for the agricultural industry. Wind driven and silent make them ideal for use in built up areas. Ideal for agricultural crops, market gardens, allotments, vineyards, orchards, domestic gardens, boating, airports, etc… For optimum protection, several strategically placed HawkEyes are needed using…

  • Raptor – Audio Bird Scarer

    £427.95 (+ VAT)

    The Raptor effectively scares birds away by means of panic and/or alarm shrieks of different bird species. Any birds close to audible panic shrieks of other birds will instinctively flee the area. Replicating the sound of birds that are under attack from predators or the sound of the threat itself, is a very effective way…

  • Scatter Bird Mark 4 – Bird Scarer

    £481.95 (+ VAT)

    The Scatterbird MK4 is the next generation of gas powered bird scarers. Like it’s predecessor, the Scatterbird MK4 is a sturdy, purpose built bird scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer. The Scatterbird range has for many years set the industry standard for durability. The newly designed Scatterbird Mark 4…

  • Sentinel – Bird Scarer

    £56.30 (+ VAT)

    Great new design features means the Sentinel is built to last. High quality heavy duty construction, high density ABS plastic hubs with rust proof nylon ball bearings ensure ultimate performance and increased life span.

  • Terror Hawk & Kite – Pack 2

    £95.23 (+ VAT)

    Quiet and extremely effective, the Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are always on patrol even in the lightest breeze. The Terror Hawk mimics the movement of a natural predator hovering over the crops, keeping the birds away. The Terror Kite disorientates the birds with its constant movement as it moves as it swoops, dives and…