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  • 1/2″ Hose End Connector

    £10.58 (+ VAT)

    1/2″ Female Hose End Connector. Easy pull release.

  • 1/2″ Male Hose Connector

    £7.15 (+ VAT)

    Hose End Connector 1/2″ Male

  • 3 Gallon Black Bucket

    £4.26 (+ VAT)

    3 Gallon Pour & Scoop Black Bucket.

  • All-Steel Digging Spade Treaded

    £31.19 (+ VAT)

    Superbly made from the very best materials available. The Faithfull FAIASDS is an all steel digging spade forged from carbon manganese steel for extra strength, ideal for both gardening and site work. The metal shaft is fitted with an MYD hilt with a wooden cross dowel for added comfort. It is also fitted with flat…

  • All-Steel Taper Shovel No.2

    £19.01 (+ VAT)

    The Faithfull all steel taper mouth shovel. Solid manganese steel forged blade and socket correctly tempered for strength. Powder coated for rust prevention. A tubular shaft is welded to the socket for a strong smooth join. The shaft is fitted with a metal YD hilt with a wooden cross dowel for added comfort. Specification: Size:…

  • Aluminium Landscape Rake Complete With Handle

    £36.02 (+ VAT)

    Faithfull Landscape Rake with a cast aluminium head with 18 teeth and a wooden shaft, ideal for levelling sand and gravel. Overal Length: 1800mm Width: 680mm

  • Automatic Water Stop

    £12.32 (+ VAT)

    Automatic Water Stop 1/2″, joins to all male end fittings. Breaking connection automatically shuts off flow.

  • Bahco 30″ Bow Saw

    £20.43 (+ VAT)

    Bacho 10-21 Bowsaw is a lightweight yet heavy-duty bowsaw for all round use. The integrated ergonomic handle with its built in hand guard protects user’s knuckles. A unique mechanism in the handle makes blade changing and tensioning adjustments effortless. The sturdy blade fittings and high blade tension make precision cutting easier than ever before. The…

  • Bahco Folding Pruning Saw 190mm (7.5in)

    £31.02 (+ VAT)

    Bahco PG-72 Folding Pruning Saw with anti-friction coating and special XT7-Toothing for fast cut in hard and dry wood. Comfortable two-component handle with safety lock in open or closed position.

  • Darby Ring & Bolt Slasher

    £20.44 (+ VAT)

    Ring & Bolt Slasher made by True Temper, this product has a 36″ long wooden handle.

  • Double Male Connector 1/2″

    £5.51 (+ VAT)

    Double Connector 1/2″ Male. Joins two female ends to extend hose.

  • Hose Repairer 1/2″

    £9.44 (+ VAT)

    Hose Repairer (1/2″), used to join or repair garden hose pipe.