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Ellis Dawe & Son sell new farm machinery from a range of suppliers including Albutt, Amazone, Chiltern(MX), KRM, LWJ, McConnel, Quicke, Ritchie, Teagle, Twose, West and many other brands. Please call us and ask for machinery sales.

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Albutt is a manufacturer of high specification attachments for the agricultural, waste, construction and forestry industries.

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AMAZONE is a specialist for fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, powered (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and non-powered soil cultivation (compact disc harrows, mulch cultivators & tine and disc cultivators), precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers.

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Chiltern(MX) is a European agricultural handling full-liner which manufactures loaders, front linkages and weights as well as implements and equipments for loaders and telescopic loaders.

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Quicke manufacture front loaders and a variety of implements including buckets, bale handlers, lifting implements and manure and silage implements.

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Ritchie manufacture a wide range of products including handling, weighing, feeding and drinking equipment for farm animals as well as grassland equipment and bale handlers.

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Teagle manufacture bale processors fertiliser and muck spreaders, swath conditioners, flail mowers & mulchers and equipment for grassland, tillage and cultivation.

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West is a specialist manufacturer of feeders, spreaders and trailers.