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Diagonal Feed Gate 1

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  • Diagonal Feed Fence Flat Plate 4482mm

    £341.35 (+ VAT)

    Diagonal Feed Fence – 1370mm high (timber base): Made to measure service offered Panels and gate units available with and without timber base Gate units can be hinged from one end or both ends (double acting) Detachable hook over feed troughs of varying widths are available in steel & timber 60mm x 40mm RHS horizontal…

  • Diagonal Feed Fence Gate Unit 4450mm

    £442.62 (+ VAT)

    Diagonal Feed Fence Gate Unit single-acting gate units with timber base complete with two built-in keyhole sliding bolts for added safety. Units have 25mm sleeved hinge eyes 1335mm high comes with 410mm timber base Various fittings available depending on the application