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  • 4 Function Rear Combination Lamp

    £3.86 (+ VAT)

    Maypole Square Combination Lamp – 4 function lamp – 12V – E approved – Supplied with bulbs.

  • 75mm x 25 Amps Crocodile Clip – Pack of 2

    £1.28 (+ VAT)

    Pack of 2 Crocodile Clips – 75mm x 25 Amp.

  • 95mm x 50 Amps Crocodile Clip – Pack of 2

    £1.22 (+ VAT)

    Pack of 2 Crocodile Clips – 95mm x 50 Amps.

  • Araldite Repair Epoxy Bar 50g

    £3.87 (+ VAT)

    The AralditeĀ® Repair Epoxy Bar is a hard, long-lasting, solvent-free multipurpose repair putty that is waterproof and can be drilled, filled, painted or sanded. Ideal for bonding or sealing, it will cope with uneven surfaces and is highly recommended for wet applications on metal pipes, tanks and gutters. It will even hold a repair where…

  • Araldite Steel Epoxy 2 x 15ml Tubes

    £5.73 (+ VAT)

    AralditeĀ® Steel Epoxy is a strong, long-lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water-resistant and can be painted or sanded. Perfect for jobs on metal like plumbing, car bodywork, gates and windows. With an environmentally sound product formulation it is recommended for use on most types of metal including steel, galvanised steel, cast-iron, copper and brass and…

  • Bondloc Instant Gasket Maker 50ml

    £14.06 (+ VAT)

    Bondloc B574 is an Instant Gasket material that forms in place, making almost any size and shape, replacing paper, cork etc. It eliminates relaxation and on loads loss. The assembled parts are usually suitable for immediate Low Pressure ( 6 bar) service and once cured can resist 350 Bar Pressure depending on gap size. Suitable…

  • Bondloc Studlock High Strength Threadlocker 10ml

    £4.95 (+ VAT)

    Bondloc B270 Studlock is a permanent green coloured general-purpose adhesive for permanent threaded assemblies. B270 locks studs up to 1in, sealing against leakage and corrosion. It is chemical-resistant, resisting fuels, lubricants and most industrial liquids and gases. It eliminates double nutting and/or welding of critical assemblies. It also permits reduced casting thickness and ultimate lightness,…

  • Diesel Fuel Can & Spout Black 5 litre

    £6.28 (+ VAT)

    A colour co-ordinated plastic fuel can with external graduations moulded into the outer casing. Supplied with flexible pouring spout which mounts neatly on can top. The Petroleum Spirit (Motor Vehicles etc.) Regulations 1929 and the Petroleum Spirit (Plastic Containers) Regulations 1982 limit the amount of petrol that can be kept in a domestic garage or…

  • Filter only for Tractor Funnel

    £3.01 (+ VAT)

    Replacement filter for Tractor Funnel.

  • Funnels – set of 4 (Pressol)

    £3.50 (+ VAT)

    Set of 4 x orange poly funnels from Pressol. Oil, petrol & acid resistant.

  • Jubilee Flexidriver

    £15.48 (+ VAT)

    For tightening or loosening Jubilee clips where access is difficult.

  • Jubilee Hose Clip

    £0.69£1.26 (+ VAT)

    Size 000 Jubilee Clip. (9.5mm to 12mm) Size M00 Jubilee Clip. (11mm to 16mm) Size 00 Jubilee Clip. (13mm to 20mm) Size 0 Jubilee Clip. (16mm to 22mm) Size 0X Jubilee Clip. (18mm to 25mm) Size 1A Jubilee Clip. (22mm to 30mm) Size 1 Jubilee Clip. (25mm to 35mm) Size 1X Jubilee Clip. (30mm to…