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  • 2 Stroke Oil

    £2.75£7.23 (+ VAT)

    Groundsman 2 stroke engine oil is a premium quality semi-synthetic lubricant offering unrivalled engine protection under all conditions. It has been designed for use in all 2 stroke engines fitted to chainsaws, lawn mowers, hedge cutters / brush cutters and all other garden machinery. It is suitable for use as a pre-mix or in oil…

  • 4 Stroke Oil

    £8.11£26.58 (+ VAT)

    Groundsman SAW 30 engine oil is a superior quality lubricant produced specifically for all horticultural 4 stroke petrol engines, including lawn mowers, generators and stationary engines. Suitable for all makes of four stroke petrol and naturally aspirated diesel stationary engines found on horticultural machines. It is approved to all manufacturers specifications and can be used…

  • Bahco 30″ Bow Saw

    £20.43 (+ VAT)

    Bacho 10-21 Bowsaw is a lightweight yet heavy-duty bowsaw for all round use. The integrated ergonomic handle with its built in hand guard protects user’s knuckles. A unique mechanism in the handle makes blade changing and tensioning adjustments effortless. The sturdy blade fittings and high blade tension make precision cutting easier than ever before. The…

  • Bahco Folding Pruning Saw 190mm (7.5in)

    £31.02 (+ VAT)

    Bahco PG-72 Folding Pruning Saw with anti-friction coating and special XT7-Toothing for fast cut in hard and dry wood. Comfortable two-component handle with safety lock in open or closed position.

  • Chainsaw Chain Oil

    £4.27£71.44 (+ VAT)

    Modern, high-performance chain oil with special adhesive additive Suitable for all brands of chainsaw Refined oil Optimal full lubrication in summer and winter Additives to improve lubrication guarantee extremely low wear of chain and rails No smoke generation, even under heavy loads Available in 1; 5 or 20 Litres

  • Chainsaw Filing Field Kit

    £12.20 (+ VAT)

    For chainsaw chain sharpening, consisting of: Flat file; depth gauge; filing guide with thumbscrew; 5/32″ round file (4.0 mm); 3/16″ round file (4.8 mm); 7/32″ round file (5.5 mm); wooden handle & durable case.

  • Charger 8.5 Ton Log Splitter

    £672.30 (+ VAT)

    The Charger is a super fast, powerful and portable machine, with a build quality you expect from Portek. With convenient handles, strong chassis and wheels, the Charger can easily be positioned on any flat ground, ready to start work. Two large spinning flywheels, powered by a 1.5kw electric motor, drive the powerful ram with a…

  • File Holder with 4 mm file

    £15.15 (+ VAT)

    For chainsaw chain sharpening.

  • File holder with 4.5mm (11/64″) file

    £15.87 (+ VAT)

    For chainsaw chain sharpening.

  • File holder with 5.5mm (7/32″) file

    £14.94 (+ VAT)

    For chainsaw chain sharpening.

  • Flexi Sharp – Chainsaw Sharpener

    £74.14 (+ VAT)

    This rechargeable chainsaw sharpener is perfect for working away from a power supply with it’s long lasting rechargable 18v Li-ion battery. The ‘Auto Clamp’ feature automatically clamps the chain when sharpening for user safety and precision results. The chain is clamped automatically as the sharpening wheel is lowered onto the chain. Features: Adjustable 0 to…

  • GoPart 7/32″ Chainsaw File

    £1.50 (+ VAT)

    GoPart 7/32″ chainsaw file – File only, handle separate.