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Kwik Sheep Turnover Crate 3

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  • Digital Sheep Weigher

    £819.18 (+ VAT)

    The Digital Lamb Weigher features a robust LCD crane scale with capabilities of reading up to 300kg. To ensure the reliability of the reading, the animal is weighed upon two pivot arms, which enable an accurate weight of the animal to be calculated no matter where it is stood within the weigher. The weigher also…

  • DraftMaster

    £0.00 (+ VAT)

    DraftMaster is IAE’s most versatile and ergonomic solution to sheep handling. Featuring effortlessly operated entry and exit gates as well as a drafting door on either side, the DraftMaster has the capability to efficiently draft large numbers of sheep manually in three different directions. KEY FEATURES Large aperture for full access to the back and…

  • Economy Portable Sheep Race

    £943.90 (+ VAT)

    4960mm race makes treating and sorting sheep an effortless task Hurdles stand at 905mm high Guillotine gate allows the operator to control the number of animals in the race at any one time Two-way drafting gate allows animals to be sorted at the end of the race Race joiner sits between the hurdles to prevent…

  • Sheep hurdle 7 rails 6′ Galv

    £47.20 (+ VAT)

    Overview 1830mm length 7 Railed Sheep Hurdles: 1000mm high c/w drilled lugs at each end

  • Sheep Hurdle Drop Bar 10mm

    £3.44 (+ VAT)

    Sheep hurdle coupling bar.

  • Standard Kwik Sheep Turnover Crate

    £1,707.02 (+ VAT)

    Our unique Kwik  Sheep Turnover Crate is adjustable for both width and height settings. Because the sheep turns on its own axis operation is simple and straight forward; and access to the sheep can be gained via the rear gate. Unit comes complete with lugs to enable unit to be fitted within a handling system….