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  • 7 Rail Interlocking Sheep Hurdle 6′

    £39.83 (+ VAT)

    Overview Loop type coupling arrangement 970mm high NOTE : The intended use for interlocking sheep hurdles is to form large holding pens or small individual pens. If used for long single runs of lambing pens or back to back lambing pens some joints will need to be cable tied together.

  • Double Sided Meshed Haybasket

    £21.35 (+ VAT)

    Overview Double Side Mesh Hayrack 475 mm long x 475mm wide x 490mm deep (18½” x 18½” x 19¼ “) Suitable for calf pens and lambing pens

  • Economy Portable Sheep Race (P.O.A)

    Overview F050 2001 01 Economy Sheep Race Comprising of F050 2001 08 – 2 (no) 2480 r/h economy sheeted hurdles F050 2002 08 – 2 (no) 2480 l/h economy sheeted hurdles F050 2003 01 – 1 (no) guillotine gate F050 2004 01 – 1 (no) economy race joiner F050 2005 01 – 1 (no) economy…

  • Hook Over Calf/Sheep Hayrack 4′

    £80.55 (+ VAT)

    Overview 400mm (15¾”) wide x 420mm (16½”) deep with 240mm (9½”) high back 75mm x 75mm weldmesh (3” x 3”) and sheeted end panels Hot dip galvanised Hook brackets welded on

  • Horned Sheep Circular Feeder (P.O.A)

    Overview 1600mm (5’3”) diameter x 905mm high x 290mm deep welded sheet metal base Manufactured in two sections and fixed with coupling bars 25mm x 25mm SHS horizontal rails 20mm o/d tube vertical rail

  • Lamb Creep Shelter 8′ (P.O.A)

    Overview Single side lamb creep shelter features full length adjustable creep aperture Removable feed hopper 1200mm wide x 900mm high Supplied with 4 x 254mm (10”) wheels x 25mm (1”) bore rubber tyre May need self assembly

  • Mechanical Sheep Weigher (P.O.A)

    Overview The IAE Mechanical Sheep Weigher is a quality unit complete with front and rear gates. Wheels and handles come as a standard, as do lugs which will allow the unit to be incorporated within a handling system if required. Available with 200kg mechanical weigh head Fitted with wheels & handles as standard Drilled lugs…

  • Multiform Lamb Adopter Starter Unit (P.O.A)

    Overview Multiform lamb adopter starter unit used to “foster on” spare lambs: Adjustable neck yoke holds the ewe’s head to feed and water and so that initially she cannot sniff the fostered lamb prior to acceptance 1525mm (5’0”) wide x 1200mm long x 800mm high Featuring 2 two rail guard wings, 2 removable bucket holders,…

  • Scanweigh (P.O.A)

    Overview The ScanWeigh the latest product for lamb weighing, a crate which is suitable for using EID equipment if required. The new design incorporates many features which will appeal to the modern sheep farmer. Highly accurate weighing system Split gates to front and rear for ease of use and access Twin Doors = Quick Action…

  • Sheep Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder 8′ (P.O.A)

    Overview The double sided lamb creep feeder features adjustable head/feed spaces to restrict feed access to larger animals if desired Head gaps adjustable from 60-180mm Unique easy exit lift-up ladder design for safety (reduces instances of head trapping) 460mm wide body x 650mm high with 728mm wide lid Supplied with 254mm (10”) rubber tyred wheels…

  • Sheep Feed Trough 9′ Galv

    £56.22 (+ VAT)

    Overview A quality standard sheep trough, all 284mm wide x 163mm high 284mm (11⅛”) wide x 163mm (4⅞”) deep Hot dip galvanised

  • Sheep hurdle 7 rails 6′ Galv

    £47.20 (+ VAT)

    Overview 1830mm length 7 Railed Sheep Hurdles: 1000mm high c/w drilled lugs at each end