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  • Masking Tape 50mm – 50 Metre Roll

    £2.70 (+ VAT)

    Decorators Masking Tape 50mm x 50 Metre Roll.

  • Mitre Fast Bonding Kit Standard

    £6.54 (+ VAT)

    Mitre Fast Bonding Kit is a two-part instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol activator. Mitre Fast is mainly used in the furniture, timber, kitchen and plastics industries where its instant bonding properties dramatically reduce assembly times for mitre joints when compared to conventional wood adhesives. Also suitable for bonding of MDF, rubber,…

  • Mortar Admix – 5 litre

    £4.25 (+ VAT)

    Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix is an air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix. Provides an easy to work, ‘butter like’ consistency to the mortar. It also prevents shrinkage, cracking and crazing during setting. For use in brick laying and plastering mortars. Helps to improve frost resistance and long term resistance to freeze-thaw cycles…

  • SBR Bond – 5 litre

    £25.46 (+ VAT)

    The Everbuild SBR Bond is a latex based, water-resistant bonding agent and admixture for use in areas subject to humidity, dampness and continuous water contact. Improves water resistance of cement mixtures by forming a reinforcing polymer that increases long-term durability and flexibility of the mix on renderings and floor screeds. Polymer Emulsions of this type…

  • WD40 450ml Smart Straw Aerosol

    £5.51 (+ VAT)

    WD-40® is an all purpose liquid for displacing moisture, corrosion control, lubrication, cleaning and penetration. It has the ability to penetrate the minute grain boundaries on all metals. Although not essentially a lubricant, WD-40® is regularly used to lubricate all light machinery and electrical equipment. Protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed…

  • Wood Glue Interior – 250ml

    £3.43 (+ VAT)

    EVO-STIK Wood Glue Interior is a fast setting, extra strong wood adhesive for interior use. It dries to a clear finish that can be sanded, painted or stained and is suitable for all types of wood. The anti-roll bottle has a no mess, clog-free nozzle and twist to seal cap. Bonds: wood, hardboard, chipboard, blockboard,…