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Galvanised field gate double strap hinge set.

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  • Adjustable Band & Hook on Plate (Pair)

    £29.64£33.82 (+ VAT)

    These heavy duty, robust hinges provide full adjustability; allowing the installer to align gates both during fitting and afterwards to compensate for gate drop over time. Ideal for large gates – up to 50kg in weight and 1800mm in width. Width of hook on plate and width of band increase with length, fully reinforced shoulder…

  • Adjustable RSJ Field Gate Hanger for Metal Gates

    £24.41 (+ VAT)

    Suitable for 4-7″ Posts, 3/4″ (19mm) Pin – Galvanised Finish.

  • Brenton Padbolt

    £10.20£12.54 (+ VAT)

    This galvanised brenton padbolt is ideal for use on gates and sheds alike. 5/8″ shoot bolt, welded bolt stop and knuckle to provide more security. Padlockable, Fixings include.

  • Cabin Hooks – Wire Pattern

    £2.78£3.76 (+ VAT)

    Our Wire Pattern Cabin Hooks have two fixings holes to minimise installation time and wood splitting! Fixings included.

  • Clamp on ‘D’ loop Galvanised

    £11.84 (+ VAT)

    Clamp on ‘D’ loop for metal 7-bar gates.

  • Corner Braces (Pack of 5)

    £5.28 (+ VAT)

    Available in 4″ (100mm) BZP/Yellow Passivated Finish. Pack quantity 5.

  • Cranked Band & Hook on Plate (Pair)

    £18.02£27.51 (+ VAT)

    Our Cranked Band & Hook on Plates are perfect for large gates – up to 50kg in weight and 1800mm in width. Designed for installations where the gate is flush with the front of the post. The width of the band increases with length. Supplied as a pair, fixings included.

  • Double Leg Striker (for Self-Locking Field Gate Catches)

    £6.46 (+ VAT)

    Complete with nuts and washers – Galvanised Finish.

  • Euro Profile Long Throw Lock – Double Locking

    £37.50 (+ VAT)

    Suitable for use with gates, sheds and garage doors, our new Euro Profile Long Throw Lock offers many advantages over the existing model. High security Euro Profile 6-pin barrel, high corrosion resistance; grade 316 stainless steel shoot bolt. Drill bits and stainless steel security screws included. (Special Offer – Until end of November 2021)

  • Field Gate Double Strap Hinge Set – Adjustable

    £24.64 (+ VAT)

    Full adjustability allows installer to easily fit and adjust gates to compensate for gate drop over time. Includes: 2″ x ΒΌ” top band, adjustable gate eye and heel clips, hook to bolt and hook to drive This Epoxy Black kit is suitable for 3″ gates.

  • Field Gate Hook on Narrow Plate

    £9.50 (+ VAT)

    Plate width = 50mm, 3/4″ (19mm) Pin – Galvanised Finish.

  • Field Gate Hook to Build For 9″ brickwork

    £17.50 (+ VAT)

    225mm – 3/4″ (19mm) Pin – Galvanised Finish.