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  • Scan PVC Gauntlets 27cm (11in)

    £3.50 (+ VAT)

    The Scan fully coated red PVC gauntlet has a cotton knitted liner that protects against oil, grease and most household chemicals. They have good resistance to abrasions. The palm and finger surfaces provide excellent grip, and also provide hand and wrist protection. Conforms to EN388:2016 and EN420 Standards. Abrasion Performance Index (1-4): 3 Blade Cut…

  • Scan Rigger Gloves – Large

    £3.94 (+ VAT)

    Scan Rigger Gloves are a general purpose glove suitable for most DIY tasks. Made from canvas with added protection, with hard-wearing leather palms and reinforced fingers and knuckles. Made from cow split leather with patched palm and striped cotton back, with reinforced sections on the fingers and knuckle strap. The gloves also have pasted cuffs….

  • Scan Standard Ear Defender SNR 29 dB

    £13.67 (+ VAT)

    This lightweight Scan ear defender with slimline ear cups is ideal for general purpose. The soft and wide PVC ear cushions, combined with the flexible headband with foam padding and adjustable cup height ensure a comfortable fit. It is effective in reducing noise levels whilst still allowing the wearer to continue hearing normal conversation. Conforms…

  • Scan Thermal Latex Coated Gloves – L (Size 9)

    £4.06 (+ VAT)

    Scan Thermal Latex Coated Gloves have a high visibility design with black latex wrinkle finish coating to palm and fingers. They give excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. Ideal for the construction, automotive and handling industries. With palm and finger coated latex and high-visibility seamless acrylic knitted thermal liner. Conforms to EN388:2016 and…

  • Scan Welder’s Gauntlets – Large (Size 9)

    £8.25 (+ VAT)

    The Scan Welder’s Gauntlets are made from cowsplit leather with black welted seams, featuring a one-piece back which provides strength. Fully lined, the guantlets are comfortable to use. At 350mm (14in) long, they are excellent at protecting the hand, wrist and lower forearm. Excellent for Welders. Conforms to EN388:2016, EN407 and EN420 Standards. Abrasion Performance…

  • Town & Country Thermal Aquamax Gloves – Large

    £5.89 (+ VAT)

    Town & Country Thermal Aquamax Gloves provide maximum thermal and waterproof protection for gardening in cold and wet conditions. They have a durable, 100% waterproof coating and a thermal liner for additional warmth and comfort. In addition, the nitrile coating adds extra protection and grip on the palm and fingers. The fitted wrist helps to…

  • Vitrex Corded Disposable Earplugs SNR 33 dB – 2 Pairs

    £2.07 (+ VAT)

    The Vitrex Corded Disposable Earplugs, made of foam and shaped for easy insertion. Their smooth outer surface ensures better hygiene, and their cord prevents accidental loss when in use. Suitable for most DIY applications. Tested to European Standard EN352. Part 2. CE Approved. SNR Rating: 33 dB Supplied as a packet of 2 pairs.

  • Vitrex Knee Pad Inserts

    £4.56 (+ VAT)

    The Vitrex Knee Pad Inserts easily slot into work trousers thanks to their universal fitting. They have an ergonomic design that is made from durable, flexible foam that helps to protect knees.

  • Vitrex Premium Safety Glasses – Clear

    £5.10 (+ VAT)

    These Vitrex Premium Safety Spectacles have an impact and abrasion resistant, clear polycarbonate lens. The spectacles are suitable for various applications, including; Work with fibreglass. Use with domestic power tools. Woodwork. Home renovation. Mowing/trimming. Grinding. Car maintenance. Tested to EN166. CE Approved (CE 0194).

  • Vitrex Premium Safety Goggles

    £7.31 (+ VAT)

    These Vitrex 332104 Premium Safety Goggles have a large frame with wide angle and an impact and abrasion resistant, clear polycarbonate lens. The goggles are suitable for woodwork, home renovation, painting and for use with most domestic power tools. Their unique indirect ventilation offers mist free vision, plus protection against dust and liquid splash. They…

  • Vitrex Safety Shield

    £18.60 (+ VAT)

    The Vitrex Safety Shield has an impact resistant, clear polycarbonate visor. It is suitable for use with most domestic power tools, garden strimmers, hedge cutters, etc. Adjustable face shield can be locked in position, with convenient nod down facility, that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Tested to BS2092 Grade 1. Conforms to EN166. CE…